Don't mess wit da Stillers

February 2nd, 2009

So, it's 27-23. Bookies are losing millions on that tiny spread tonight.

Of course, this was a game of slim margins and surprise upsets. The Cardinals started well by scoring early, but like the Steelers, their defense was sorely lacking.

Did-that-just-happen moments included Harrison's 100-yard interception (the longest in NFL history, if I'm not mistaken) and Santonio Holmes' just-by-inches touchdown, which yanked Arizona's lead in the last three minutes.

Of course, the cracks were showing. Arizona was clearly rattled in the second half, racking up an unusual number of personal fouls, and (let's be honest) Harrison's punching of Francisco should have gotten him booted from the game.

Bruce Springsteen fell back on old standards for his halftime performance, and frankly, the man sounded just plain tired. Steven Van Zant had more energy that the rest of the entourage, and I really didn't need a close-up of Springsteen's crotch.

His career's been spotty as of late, and he's spent most of the last few years playing the political card, which hasn't helped. Really, musicians as political commentators? Dancing about architecture, folks. Bashing George W. Bush has just become a tired and predictable cliché at this point.

Schools in Pittsburgh are opening two hours late tomorrow, no doubt because the locals will be out partying until the wee hours. Let 'em; the Yinzers have earned it. Any city that has its own dialect of English, produces perogies and has six Superbowl wins under its belt is a priddy cool place in my book.

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