The Hitler Thing

December 23rd, 2013

This is a Public Service Announcement to anyone who wants to argue gun rights and not come off as an incoherent and tactless windbag.

We lose an argument very quickly by comparing contemporary politicians to the architects of the Holocaust. Likening someone to Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot just makes the speaker sound like he's off his damned rocker. Such statements are factually inaccurate, and they just come off as mean-spirited and ignorant.

On top of that, there are still folks around who were actually affected by the Holocaust. They find it pretty insulting when we compare a battle over a single political policy to the systematic killing of six million Jews.

Yes, the President has a gun-control agenda. It's blatant and vindictive, but that doesn't make him Joseph Goebbels. Statements like that cost the commentators the moral high ground they so cherish. While it might generate hits for a right-wing blog or a few "attaboys" from the choir, it loses us a huge portion of a moderate audience. Those are the people we have to win over.

Please stop it with this. We don't get to call our opponents monsters and then complain when they do the same to us.

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