VZ Grips

January 20th, 2014

I've had VZ grips on a couple of my 1911's for awhile. The Micarta does a great job of repelling moisture, and the texture is coarse enough stay put without chafing the hands.

I must not have been paying attention, and it turns out they're making grips for all types of guns now. I recently picked up a set for the CZ-75. Click the pictures to embiggen.

VZ Grips on a CZ-75

They're a bit thinner than both the factory rubber grips and most aftermarket wood stocks. Milling the Micarta on a CNC machine is a more efficient and consistent process than carving wood, and it shows in the fit and finish.

VZ Grips on a CZ-75

Fit is perfect, and there are no gaps to be felt or seen. While they may not have the charm of wood, they're more durable and practical for many situations.

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