More Desperation

March 18th, 2015

States United to Prevent Gun Violence is running a couple of surreal campaigns to push gun control.  The first is this little chestnut:

Never mind that it's illegal to run a gun shop in New York without all sorts of licensing, or that it's illegal for customers to even handle one without a purchase permit.  Since they're gun control advocates, they can probably get away with the David Gregory defense.

They've also scored rapper Snoop Dogg, who is quite the paragon of civic virtue, to promote a separate campaign.

For an organization swimming in the Joyce Foundation's cash, they're certainly stooping quite low.

And why?  To hear them tell it, they have the wind at their back.  They claim that ~90% of the American public supports their agenda.  They claim Michael Bloomberg's $50 million benediction.

The answer is simple:  their narrative fell apart, so they're down to lying.

They've been pushing the idea that the gun lobby (ie. the NRA) is a multi-billion dollar behemoth that stomps everybody on Capitol Hill and flaunts the ideals of gun owners.  They deliberately confuse the NRA's $348 million budget with the actual $3.4 million budget of the NRA-ILA.

That's right. $3.4 million spent in 2013, which is 1/6 of what Comcast spent. They know that.  They choose dishonesty because that's all they've got.

So, why does the awful gun lobby prevail with that meager budget while Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Troughton Watts struggle to stay relevant with a war chest nearly 15 times as large?  They've misread gun owners, and badly.

I've little worry that their shenanigans will change any minds.  I can only hope it's costing them a great deal of money to run this drivel.

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