Lies, More Lies, and the Liars Who Tell Them

June 24th, 2016

This has been a tough week for gun-control advocates.  We had the worst mass shooting in American history, and they just couldn't seem to exploit it.  They had a cute filibuster in the Senate, and they got the vote they wanted.  Problem is, it didn't go the way they wanted.

The plain fact is, the general public doesn't consider gun control a pressing issue.  We all grieve at the horrors of Newtown, Aurora, and Orlando, but gun-control advocates would have us believe they grieve even more.  The rest of us just don't feel it as much as they do, and anyone who suggests their hasty "solutions" might be defective gets labeled as stupid, bigoted, or lacking in conscience.

And let me tell you, nobody has more conscience than a bunch of progressives craving attention.  So, this week, John Lewis decided to stage a sit-in on the floor of the House of Representatives.

This isn't a soda counter in Montgomery in the 1950's.  We're not talking about the dehumanization and marginalization of a whole race of people.  No, Mr. Lewis feels slighted that he hasn't had enough of a chance to show us how much he cares about gun control.  So, he and his friends parked their butts on the floor, had Starbucks and catered food delivered, and took a bunch of selfies.  Look how much fun he's having with Elizabeth Warren and some guy who looks like Andy Warhol.

Oh, and they also used the event as a fundraiser, because it's expensive to care more about things than the common folk.  That doesn't diminish it at all.  They promise.

There's an underlying irony that can't be overstated.  They law they want?  The source of all this angst?

Oh, this is good.  It would make people on secret government watchlists ineligible to own firearms.  They want to exploit one of the most vile aspects of the PATRIOT Act, a law they claim to abhor, signed by a President they despise, in order to abrogate the exercise of an enumerated constitutional right.  I guess it's copacetic as long as it suits their agenda at the time.

But that's not all, folks.  There are cakelike layers of irony here.  The crumbs at the bottom?  The fact that John Lewis himself is on the no-fly list, as was the late Edward (Ted) Kennedy.  Who else is on it?  Who cares!  It's something they can use to get what they want.

After all, the logical endpoint of the gun-control agenda is a total ban on civilian gun ownership.  They can't get that through legislation, at least not directly.  However, this works even better.  Consider:

  • make a secret list, over which nobody has oversight
  • ban people on the list from owning guns
  • put everybody on the list
  • profit!

If I have any of this wrong so far, by all means correct me.

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