Y'all $#*%ers Need Talos

November 7th, 2016

So, the Skyrim Special Edition is out.  PC players have long had access to graphical upgrades and community mods, but the SE brings those to console players.

Some of the graphics updates are subtle, while others are still quite noticeable.  While the frame rate is still locked at 30fps, load times are drastically reduced.  That said, this is still Skyrim, so some of the character models are janky, and many of the glitches are still there.  Expect to see the occasional mammoth falling out of the sky and such.

The mods are an inexhaustible supply of novelty, though.  The unofficial patch fixes a great number of nagging issues.  Others offer everything from small tweaks (realistic weather effects, better companion dialogue) to entirely new quests and cities.

If you never played this game when it came out, this is a good chance to rectify that mistake. For those of us who did, the upgrades and mods certainly make it worth revisiting.

Here are the obligatory screenshots.  I decided to do something different and run them through the G'MIC filters to give them an oil-painted look.

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