Lori F

March 4th, 2006

This is dedicated to my sister and her exploits. She teaches English as a Second Language abroad, specializing in Arabic and Farsi. She's currently teaching in Tajikistan, which is about as far from civilization you can get and still expect a roof over your head.

For a time, she maintained a blog detailing her life there, but she was discouraged from doing so by the local academic and government authorities for fear she'd publish something derogatory.

Much of the infrastructure there is left over from the days of the Soviet Union. News is managed, there are still statues of Lenin, it's difficult to get mail delivered without being tampered or stolen, and we know from experience that all phone calls (when we can actually get through) are monitored.

She's a long way from home, with very little support, but she's coping gracefully. Her best means of communication are things we take for granted: a digital camera and a laptop. She sends what she can, and I've posted it here.

A disclaimer: there are several large video files on this site. Feel free to download them, but please save them to your local drive rather than trying to stream them from here. Thanks, and enjoy!

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