Fast & Furious: Censorship

October 8th, 2013

Special Agent John Dodson was on the ground during the initial stages of the ATF's botched Fast & Furious operation. When he came forward as a whistleblower, Arizona US Attorney Dennis Burke leaked an internal memo to the media in an attempt to discredit Dodson's testimony to Congress on the operation.

He has authored a book covering his experiences, but the Bureau is attempting to block publication. Their rationale is that it "would have a negative impact on morale in the Phoenix [Field Division] and would have a detrimental effect on our relationships with DEA and FBI."

Right. …

Sooner or Later

September 26th, 2011

We know now that the ATF sat by and let straw purchases of weapons happen in Phoenix.  We know they reassured dealers that the weapons would be tracked.  We know that didn't happen, and that those weapons have been used in dozens of homicides.

As of today, we also know that the ATF themselves purchased weapons and sold them to criminals.  Apparently, John Dodson was given authorization and ordered by Supervisor Voth to pick up a few Draco pistols and deliver them to suspects.

I'm not sure why Dodson didn't bring this up during his testimony to Congress back …