The Democrats don't care about gun violence

July 24th, 2016

Oh, sure, they pretend to.  They make sure the media sees their crocodile tears following every public shooting.  They do their little sit-ins for measures that gut due process, and they push selective gun bans that do nothing about the underlying madness that grips our society.

But when it comes to initiatives that actually reduce violence, they clam up.  Case in point:  current Democratic Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine.  As Mayor of Richmond, he backed a program that actually reduced gun violence, and now he's taking flak for it.

That's not …

Another Million Moms

January 21st, 2013

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting, Shannon Watts has started a group called One Million Moms for Gun Control. Despite the similarity in names, they're not affiliated with the 2000-member Million Mom March.

Watts wants to portray her group as the gun-control equivalent of Mothers Against Drunk Driving. If that were true, I'd be sending them a check myself.

MADD was instrumental in cutting drunk-driving deaths by a third. They had the right idea, and they got measurable results. Though the mission changed in later years, MADD succeeded at first through a singular purity …