August 29th, 2015

I get it:  Donald Trump is rich.  He managed daddy's real-estate business with some degree of competence, and it made a great deal of money.  Good for him.  That doesn't qualify him to be the President of the United States.

He has yet to articulate a single coherent policy position.  He says he'll "build a wall" and "make Mexico pay for it."  OK.  How is he going to get that done?  He won't say.  He claims he's going to "make America great again."  What steps does that entail?  No clue.

He claims to have learned about foreign policy by watching generals on television.  Let that one sink in for a moment.

If he thinks Megyn Kelly's question to him in that silly Fox debate was tough and unfair, wait until he has to deal with someone like Putin, Rouhani, or Lukashenko.  He has yet to face a real bully.

He spends all of his time chanting calculated and vague slogans, and he treats every speaking engagement like he's doing a standup comedy routine.  Who does that remind me of?

Yep, Sarah Palin.  Youbetcha.  What piece of weirdness has this whole farce been missing?  An interview between her and Trump.  I dare you to sit through all eleven minutes of surreal mutual fawning and grandstanding.

One thing stuck out for me.  She refers to Trump's campaign as "avant garde."  I really doubt she knows the meaning of the phrase ("it's a French thing, right?"), so she probably doesn't realize how utterly precise that description is.

Trump's campaign is a brilliant piece of postmodern performance art.  It's the comedian as political aspirant.  He's not just doing a sketch.  No.  He's actually making a show of running for the Presidency and gaining real support.  This is sharper commentary than anything Sacha Baron Cohen has done.

In the process, he's exploring how ludicrous the electoral process has become.  It's been fun, but he needs to go back to normal reality television, because it's getting hard to tell if he's satirizing the process or really running for the Presidency.

New Hampshire is only six months away, and the Republican party needs to get its act together.  It's time for him to bring his antics to a close and let them run.

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