Everybody's an Expert

February 11th, 2014

The Truth About Guns has a review of the new Remington R-51 pistol in which the author perceives numerous shortcomings in the design. I might be inclined to take him seriously if he actually seemed to understand the gun in question.

It works more like a Luger P08 than anything else, with a fixed barrel and short-stroke style action.

The R51 doesn't work anything like a Luger. It uses a delayed blowback mechanism, while the Luger has a unique toggle-lock system. I suppose we could stretch the criteria and claim that the pistols are similar because both fire the 9mm cartridge, both feed from a removable magazine, and both have fixed barrels. Of course, that would mean the R51 is also identical to the Steyr GB or the H&K P7, which is hardly the case.

It's unfortunate he didn't like the R-51 as much as his Glock, but if he's going to sound credible, he needs to better understand the things he's reviewing. Some server space, a few advertisers, and some artificial controversy do not a gun expert make.

  1. SPEMack wrote, running Android Browser on Android 4.0.4

    And depending on the box, it may say 9mm Luger. That makes them super similar.

    Comment on February 12, 2014 @ 11:40 am

  2. Randy wrote, running Internet Explorer 8.0 on Windows 7

    I for one cannot wait to buy one of these! Wish I could afford a Luger too!

    Comment on February 13, 2014 @ 11:46 am

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