Everybody's an Expert

February 11th, 2014

The Truth About Guns has a review of the new Remington R-51 pistol in which the author perceives numerous shortcomings in the design. I might be inclined to take him seriously if he actually seemed to understand the gun in question.

It works more like a Luger P08 than anything else, with a fixed barrel and short-stroke style action.

The R51 doesn't work anything like a Luger. It uses a delayed blowback mechanism, while the Luger has a unique toggle-lock system. I suppose we could stretch the criteria and claim that the pistols are similar because both fire the 9mm …

The Remington R-51

January 2nd, 2014

Of all the unlikely but cool things to resurrect, Remington is producing a new version of their Model 51. The original was a neat pistol with a unique "hesitation locked" blowback action designed by John Pedersen. That one was chambered in .380 Auto and .32 ACP and had a steel frame, while the new iteration will be chambered in 9mm.

To modern eyes, it may look like a hybrid of a VP70 and a Whitney Wolverine, but the 51 is a smaller, thinner gun, with a lighter trigger. It looks as if the grip panels are replaceable, …